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hi when i'm not rolling around in science, i enjoy spending my time crying about fictional characters. this is a lucy liu appreciation blog.

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DC Female Solo Titles

So we’re going to just forget Power Girl?

hello! i only included current solo dc books and the book she’s currently appearing in is a team up book with huntress.


HeroesCon ‘14 - She-Hulk


Marvel Female Solo Titles

to clarify a few things:


how the hell have we known each other for so long (it’s been like 5 years now i think??) but i’m so happy we have because you are such a wonderful amazing smart talented creative person who i aspire to be more like. PLEASE KEEP DOING ALL YOUR AMAZING THINGS OK!! also still waiting for you to come visit the west coast best coast nest coast!!

also i know you are planning an america costume but what if i was planning a rule63 kamala costume

and what if we dressed up in person together

what if

5 times annabeth unsuccessfully tried to get percy to ask her on a date



It takes her five minutes of staring at the fountain, fives minutes of spinning the drachma between her fingers. Five minutes of hoping Iris isn’t preemptively watching this. Five minutes of trying to tell herself it’s fine, it’s stupid, the potential isn’t even really a date - it’s just Percy.

Percy, her best friend who she’s starting to realize her feelings for might not quite be so platonic. 

Annabeth slams the drachma down with the incantation through the rainbow and steels herself while she waits for his face on the other side.

He smiles at her, as soon as he sees her. “Hey, Annabeth! What’s up?”

Her stomach flutters, but she blames her motives here; at least his smile makes it easier to talk. They chat, go back and forth for a while. And then she brings it up. The movie.

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