"Are you scared?”
"Completely and out of my mind, ma’am."

X-Men #13 by Brian Wood & Clay Mann

deusexignis asked: top 5 x-ladies and why

i’m sorry deusexignis! i realized i saved this in my drafts instead of actually publishing it earlier. but okay, LADIES!!! let’s start (in no particular order)

  1. jean grey
    jean was my first favorite superhero growing up. like almost everyone reading comics, i grew up with the 90’s x-men cartoon. because i was so young, i remember jean mainly around the phoenix saga rather than the earlier part of the series. cosmic powers and destroying solar systems just really spoke to my inner self as a child. i think the idea that a character that focuses so much on compassion and control and limits (or lack thereof) makes for such an exciting character? i don’t think she’s perfect by any means (although there’s apparently a decent proportion of fandom who does). her flaws are a component of what makes her human, despite possessing the immense powers of the phoenix, which is such a huge part of her narrative (and before i go any further with jean i’ll actually do the other five).
  2. cecelia reyes
    i love characters who are doctors or in other health professions since that’s what has excited me my entire life. cecelia embodies a lot of the best part of the field. one of the things i really enjoyed was how being a doctor and helping people was the most important thing for cecelia, even after schism and all of the politics that are associated with it.
  3. emma frost
    emma has wit, sass, and power. i think i enjoy emma a lot because of where she began and where she is now (well, not now because bendis but that whole journey). she is the white queen, our queen
  4. ororo munroe
    growing up, storm was the poc representation in cartoons for me, at least the earlier part of my childhood. it was such a huge draw for me. i have a type tbh, compassion for human life, trying to love enemies, etc.
  5. sooraya qadir
    sooraya was the first muslim character in media that i saw (and identified with). it was such an important moment for me reading through the new x-men: academy x books. i think if i knew of her existence back when the comics were being released, i would have totally got into comics earlier.
  6. [BONUS] monet st. croix
    i’ll be honest: my first judgment of monet was not positive. i saw out of context panels of her drinking, having sex, etc. while already knowing that she was muslim. muslims exist in a spectrum obviously, but it seemed like odd representation? like, i didn’t understand why she was made to be muslim but not really…show that attitude? i read through all of that x-factor run in like two days and my attitude shifted a lot. i was under the impression she was introduced as being a muslim character, rather than it being introduced later on. i have a lot of qualms about how some of it has been addressed and things i want still need to be addressed but she’s basically everything i want in a superhero with respect to attitude and powers? if i had superpowers, i would want monet’s powers. the fact that she’s with a-lister x-men makes me so happy.


More of BB and Raven!
This ‘ship is honestly the only ‘ship I actually wished would happen\

shout out to the creator



~~Look what I found~~
Yeah, that’s right, more BB and RayRay ‘shipping 
=3 I’m still saddened by the cancellation of the series, though






this broke my heart

like he looks at her like she’s his little sister

and they’re playing some game

Can I have the AU where the two that survived were Rue and Thresh? Imagine Rue finds Thresh right away and they team up and Thresh makes a pact with her — he promises if he can get them both to the end that he will make sure she is the one who goes home. Where he says, “Fuck them and their games. I’m going to protect you, little bird. I’m going to get you home.”

Watch the gamekeepers try to kill them right away because of what Thresh says. Because he’s fighting, not to win, but to protect Rue from the games. But the sponsors keep sending her and Thresh food and medicine and the Districts too because watching Thresh carry Rue through fire and get injured protecting her is too much to bear. 

Can I have the AU where it’s Thresh and Rue with the nightlock, after the mutts attack and Cato is dead and it’s Thresh about to take the poison and send her home? But it’s Rue who won’t let her ‘big brother’ go alone after so many already died protecting her (imagine Katniss dies protecting her) and they decide, okay, together and…

Rue has always been the Mockingjay, but imagine that she lived.

^^^ “RUE has always been the Mockingjay, but imagine that she lived.”


It would have made it a better story.

26/∞ edits of fashionably flawless people: lucy liu

26/∞ edits of fashionably flawless people: lucy liu

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