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hi when i'm not rolling around in science, i enjoy spending my time crying about fictional characters. this is a lucy liu appreciation blog.

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"I’ll never unsee that." Percabeth


Annabeth sighs as she closes the door behind her, kicking off her heels at the same time. It’s a shame the hallway isn’t a bed, because she’s ready to collapse - Wednesdays are always rough, between her firm and Olympus after work. It’s like working supernatural overtime, even if the final touches on the gods’ city are the only thing she has left on that front.

She dumps her bag on the counter, listening for any sounds of life - quiet talking is all she hears from the living room. Despite her fatigue, she smiles. It’s only a matter of seconds before someone greets her - Percy never misses the door opening. Their senses are still sharp, after Tartarus. 


Her smile widens, and she drops to her knees just as Mandy comes whirling around the corner. She’s got a tiara on her head, and there’s a wand abandoned on the floor as she jumps at her mother, a pile of poofy dress and giggles. Annabeth sweeps her in close, holding her tight. “I’ve missed you today,” she says earnestly as Mandy buries her head into her chest. 

Harder footsteps follow, and Annabeth doesn’t have to look to know Percy’s appeared; she’s just too busy closing her eyes and hugging her daughter right now. “We really hate Wednesdays,” he remarks with a sigh, but she can hear just how much he really does in his tone.

Annabeth lifts her head to smile apologetically, but her face freezes at the sight of him. 

Apparently poofy dresses is the theme of the day, because Percy’s rocking a bright orange skirt, complete with lacy frills. There’s a crown on his head too, though his shirt is a horribly old mismatched purple one from Camp Jupiter. She snorts at the sight as she climbs to her feet, cradling Mandy with ease. Percy instantly leans in to steal a kiss, which Mandy giggles over, so of course that means he has to kiss her too. 

"Did we have a party today?" she asks them both.

"Yes!" comes Mandy excitedly, and she launches into an explanation, which in toddler speak is muddled with fake words. Her vocabulary isn’t bad for someone who’s not quite three, but it’s nowhere near complete. Eventually she gets bored of that and wriggles out of her mother’s arms, making a beeline for her pile of stuffed animals (all of which also have been dressed to impress).

Percy wraps his arm around her waist, kissing her on the cheek. She feels the frills brush up against her legs and can’t help smiling (it’s hard to avoid laughing). It’s not the first time she’s come home to him in interesting attire at the request of their daughter, but it’s a new combination. 

Annabeth looks him up and down, her lips dancing with a smirk. “I’ll never unsee that.” She whispers it, teasingly. 

He grins, shakes his hips to swish the skirt around. “And yet you’re the one checking me out.” 

She rolls her eyes and goes to join her daughter for tea, but naturally skirt swapping is a requirement. 

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I never understood why people are saying they hope Reyna isnt like Annabeth with her POV and thinking about Jason all the time. Personally, if your boyfriend/girlfriend was missing for months with no contact whatsoever,knew there is the huge possibility they don't remember you and also the fact you fell into the pits of hell with them and nearly watch them die and you die yourself... wouldnt you think of your gf/bf as well? Annabeth is a teenager girl as well, not a emotionless machine


Do people really say that about Annabeth ??? Because seriously if someone important to me (friend or lover) was missing for months and I had no idea if they were alive, I’d definitely think about them all the time ! And once I got them back, I’d want to be really close to them for a while. On top of that, Percy and Annabeth are each other’s anchor in Tartarus, they cling to each other and to their feelings as the only good and positive thing helping them move forward (a bit like you would conjure a Patronus to protect yourself from a Dementor ;p). I think it’s a very specific context, so it’s totally understandable that they focus on each other so much. 

I don’t think Reyna’s pov is going to be anything like that. The context is different, and I really hope (for her own sake) that she is over Jason by now. She might think about him and their shared past once or twice but I don’t think she’ll dwell on it for too long. (I’m very curious about what Aphrodite told her so long ago that made her change her attitude toward him. I’m actually quite worried I won’t like the answer)

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